Gidi has published a variety of academic works on Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and the Psychology of Yoga:

Forthcoming articles:

  • ‘Vivekānanda on Vedānta and Buddhism’. To be published by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) as a proceeding of the 2015 conference on SWĀMI VIVEKĀNANDA: Assessing the Man & His Contributions, Melbourne.
  • Ifergan, G 2021, The Psychology of the Yogas, Equinox Publishing, Sheffield, United Kingdom.
  • Ifergan, G 2021, המבט הצלול המבחין של היוגה (The Discerning Clear Gaze of Yoga), Resling Publishing, Israel.
  • Ifergan, G 2022, The Discerning Clear Gaze of Yoga